The Kaizen Way

Toyota was known in the 80’s for its continuous improvement methods and the empowerment of employees to identify deficits and provide suggestions. Although Deming and the US manufacturing complex during the 40’s for support of WWII invented continuous improvement we soon forgot after the war. One small step is the thought behind Kaizen and Maurer applies continuous improvement to solving our own life problems.

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hard thing about hard things

Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

If you have followed entrepreneurship or venture capital for any time over the past decade then you are familiar with how unique Andreessen Horowitz is in their investing style. A VC that places more focus on the ‘X-factor’ than financials or models that are wrong 1 month into the 36 month projection. What I did not know is the journey Ben Horowitz – the rap quoting blogger – made to reach the top, The Hard Thing About Hard Things chronicles his story and then provides advice.

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