How to Make Better Decisions in Life and Work

Think about how many decisions you have to make on a daily or weekly basis, some are easy and some are absolutely agonizing. It is amazing how much we struggle on being decisive, and sometimes over something as easy as whether you should go to graduate school – tip reframe the question. Another book by the Heath brothers that delivers a knowledge bomb.

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master switch

The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

The Internet has taken the primary spot for information exchange in the twenty-first century, and for good reason. Several technologies that revolutionized information exchange came before: telegraph, telephone, radio, and television. All of these technologies changed the world and were supposed to be the ultimate platform, but will the Internet be different? The Master Switch chronicles the history of information empires and whether the Internet is different.

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adventures of an IT leader

IT and business units stereotypically do not mesh, whether it is the nerds in the basement, or the inpatient business unit. Adventures of an IT Leader is a surprising read from the Harvard Business Press, given that it is a book on tech leadership. Written as a novel, it details the transition of a VP of Sales thrust into the role of CIO.

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Overall, Leaders Eat Last is a very enjoyable book on what incentivizes individuals, what makes high-performing teams, and how different generations have made their impact on civilization. The book does bog down at times as the author inserts his own agenda and repeats his point of view multiple times. The reviews and title of the book would insist that leadership lessons are told through military analogies, this turns out not be the case as there are only a few sprinkled stories throughout.

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How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Change is inevitably hard. Throughout my career it is change and persuading others to adopt change that takes the most time, whether it is changing culture, processes, or technology. Everyone falls into habits and changes those habits requires energy, and motivation. Switch by the Heath brothers builds a framework to help guide change management whether it be in an organization or your personal life.

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enterprise architecture

Ross, Weill, and Robertson look into strategy and how information technology plays a role. In a digital age that places high priority on automated processes it is important to assess how IT is used to enhance strategy execution. Enterprise Architecture as a strategy is a 2006 book that gives strong guidance.

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Good to Great

Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t

Good to Great is one of those books that pops up on almost every books you must read, or MBA alternative reading list. Collins and his research team set out to find what makes a company leap from a good company to a great company, sort of a precursor to his Built to Last work. The long-term success of the companies he identified is debatable, but he does offer sound advice that can be used at multiple scales.

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