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Musings About Business Systems, Salesforce Integrations, and DevOps

I have been fortunate in my career to pick areas that intrigue me, whether it’s the broad world of Business Systems, Salesforce DevOps, or Salesforce Integrations.

Sharing content has been an area of exploration for me over the past few years. It is a way to document my growth and share learnings with the community.

But, I find myself continually drawn back to a few subjects which remain at my core. Those subjects are Integrations with Salesforce, DevOps, Business Systems, Identity Access Management, and Salesforce Development and Architecture.

While I have explored a variety of subjects as I began my journey into content creation, my topic ideas always circled back to a subset of these subjects.

I noticed a trend in my reading lists targeted toward a grouping of subjects. A grouping that makes sense given the connections between them. A grouping that I wish I had realized sooner.

I have always been curious about how things work. This led me to constantly seek knowledge across multiple subjects, from networking to payroll services to no-code platforms to frameworks.

You may be at the edge of your seat, wondering what this grouping might be.

So without further ado, I will clue you in and let the mystery subside.

My content will be centered around the following:

  • Salesforce Integrations (with a bias towards integrating with other SaaS platforms)
  • Salesforce DevOps
  • Business Systems

Why I Chose These Topics

As any true experiment goes, I’ll track how often posts are shared across these areas and which ones receive the most engagement.

While it may seem like too many topics or too broad of subjects, they play into each other well.

Business Systems

For instance, Business Systems – my primary professional focus – captures everything from software selection to building teams and how to increase efficiencies across the stack. This, of course, dovetails directly into Integrations.

Salesforce DevOps

Salesforce DevOps is a personal focus of mine, and I like to share what I learn. Like Business Systems, it touches on Integrations as we continue automating our releases. This topic will be mainly for tracking my evolution throughout the pipeline.

Salesforce Integrations

Integrations is a broad topic. The developer in me wants to share the best and greatest in Python, Apex, Lightning Web Components, and more. But, 

I believe in embracing the declarative tools provided as well. So I will explore how Salesforce continues to bring integration practices into the declarative space primarily. However, I’ll sprinkle in other developer-friendly topics as well.

I am excited to have narrowed down my focus and begin targeted writing throughout this year and beyond.

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