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Change Management

The Phoenix Project – Kim, Behr, Spafford

A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Your project is over budget and overdue, your business sponsor is growing impatient, and IT departments are blaming each other. Worse yet, you have just been promoted and have been given 90 days or the organization fails. Does this sound familiar? While many organizations do not face this extreme situation, The Phoenix Project guides us through the adventures of Bill as he learns about DevOps and Lean principles. If you ever read The Goal, then the story may sound familiar.

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Decisive – Dan Heath, Chip Heath

How to Make Better Decisions in Life and Work

Think about how many decisions you have to make on a daily or weekly basis, some are easy and some are absolutely agonizing. It is amazing how much we struggle on being decisive, and sometimes over something as easy as whether you should go to graduate school – tip reframe the question. Another book by the Heath brothers that delivers a knowledge bomb.

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Switch – Dan Heath, Chip Heath

How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Change is inevitably hard. Throughout my career it is change and persuading others to adopt change that takes the most time, whether it is changing culture, processes, or technology. Everyone falls into habits and changes those habits requires energy, and motivation. Switch by the Heath brothers builds a framework to help guide change management whether it be in an organization or your personal life.

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