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Works Well with Others – Ross McCammon

Are you in the mood for a self-help book that is amusing, hilarious, and has real takeaways to be used in everyday life? Then Works Well with Others is definitely worth checking out. Ross McCammon is an editor with Esquire and admits that he has a difficult time as an introvert. This book dishes out tips that he has learned from his career meeting high profile individuals and feeling like he is an imposter.

This book is different from most self-help books as it does not focus on the strategy of helping yourself: stay positive, get more sleep, give unto the world. But, it does focus on tactics: what to do in certain situations that you may feel uncomfortable in. The tips that McCammon give are easy to follow as they are told in a conversational method and you can tell he has suffered through the problems himself.

“If you threw me out of your office right now, it would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me” is the key advice he gives for interviews. If it is a position that you truly value then the passion shows through and let the employer know.


According to McCammon:

  • you should buy a nice pair of shoes that make you feel confident
  • drinking makes better work (but only one or two drinks)
  • always leave a work event earlier then you think you should (and do not say goodbye on the way out)
  • give pitches with passion, but not too much passion. No one likes a zealot.

If you like unfiltered humor mixed with honesty then you will like this book. It is written as if you are having a conversation with McCammon and he often breaks the fourth wall. This book is on my must read again list.

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